Jun 10

Social Media: Changing the World One Post at a Time

socialmediaclockThe introduction of the Internet is quite simply one of the biggest game changers in modern history. The Internet, more specifically social media, has been transforming our world and attitudes on quite literally a global scale. People have never been better connected than they are now thanks to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, just to name a few of the more popular social media networks. Social media has changed much of the fundamental ways in which humans live. This is a trend that is not going away but will only transform into something incredible.

There are so many layers to how social media has connected us all and the effects it has had on our society as a whole.   One of the more profound changes that have taken place is the advancement of minority and human rights. People are learning about other people and are being exposed to groups of people that they may have in the past feared, or even hated based on that fear. Social media is teaching people that we are all human and some of the old prejudices are falling away. It is still a slow process but as we continue to connect and learn it will pick up speed and eventually we will do away with all of the outdated hatred.

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Jun 06

Caitlyn Jenner and the Transgender Collective


There are not many people who have not yet heard about Caitlyn Jenner and her amazing transition into womanhood. She is quite amazing and her story is captivating and perhaps a little polarizing as advocates and the non-advocates set their opinions against each other. Even in the transgender collective there are some who see Caitlyn’s public transition as not a great thing for the community in whole. Personally, I believe it is a good thing for us but perhaps not for the reasons other advocates embrace.

Caitlyn very much deserves respect and she is to be commended on making a huge and painful transition in the public eye. Transitioning is not an easy thing to do and I know when I transitioned it was not in public nor did I have the courage then to let the world know that I was transgender. It takes courage to live in the open and there can be many trials that come with such a decision. The public as a whole is learning to respect us but there are still some that need to learn how to be respectful. Caitlyn deserves to be respected which includes be properly referred to with the feminine pronouns that she has requested us to use. It is never okay to disrespect someone with using incorrect pronouns on purpose.

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May 18

The Writer’s Secrets

typewriterSecrets are normal and we all have plenty of them and that is part of what it is to be involved in the human condition. Most people have more than one and most of us have multiple secrets for varying reasons. In some cases it is the stuff we are embarrassed about. We fear that talking about them will make people see us as lesser than they previously did. Some are just silly secrets that really don’t matter at all. Whatever the reason, secrets are those things we hold onto and in some cases take them with us to the grave.

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Apr 20

Character Motivations: A Motive for Change.

motivationIt is always a good idea to map out the motivations that greatly influence how your characters will act and behave in any given situation. These character motives will help guide you through your story and provide believability to the actions the characters take. If you disregard a character’s motives then their actions will not mesh properly and belief can be suspended for the reader. You do not want this to happen. Luckily, a character’s motives can change and that is what needs to happen before a character can begin to behave in a completely different manner.

Generally, you will establish early on, in your story, the motivations that will guide your characters.  When you need to change one of their guiding motives you then need to introduce a plot device that will make the change happen. One of the best examples of this is from a little story written by Stan Lee called Spider-man. I choose Spider-man as my example because I think most people are aware of his origin story. If you take a look at Peter Parker before the spider bite, his core motivations were school and trying to avoid Flash Thompson and the other bullies that roamed the hallways at the institution he loved. Immediately after the spider bite he was still the same guy with the same motivations. These motivations controlled how Peter would react to his new abilities. He still loved school but he could now use those abilities to beat up Flash and maybe in the process win the girl and become popular. His actions mesh with the motivations already established for the character. This is not a guy who would be motivated to wear spandex and fight crime. Stan Lee then introduced his major plot point to change Peter’s motivations. By killing Uncle Ben in a crime that Peter could have stopped we have a huge motive change and Spider-man can make sense and resonate with the reader. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dec 18

Blaeze Getting all Funny with the Christmas Tree

This morning Blaeze decided to eat the Christmas tree and I found it to be one of those precious moments that just had to be shared.



Nov 07

The Cost

Sometimes I think I feel too muchcgeese-1

Intensely woven, the emotional stuff

On the outside you will never see

My pain, my sorrow, or even me

People think I am just so tough

A wicked girl all steely and rough

She can take it she’s just that strong

Look inside you’ll see that you’re wrong

I’ll internalize my feelings so please

Smile, pretend, maybe even tease

Wicked you want, wicked you’ll get

I’ll be the bad girl you haven’t seen yet

But someday you may want my heart

The caring,supportive, and friendly part

A shoulder to cry on you’ll want from me

You’ll get nothing as this love’s not free.

I’ll watch on the outside as I let you get lost

I’ll cry invisible tears as you realize the cost

Candace Mountain

Aug 31

Phenomenal Marketing with Ice Buckets

ice bucket shotIf you have not been living under a rock, you are most likely aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Just the fact that I said that is proof enough that the Ice Bucket marketing campaign is absolutely brilliant.  It is a marketing ploy that involves very little work for ALS once it is unleashed as we do all the advertising for them.  In fact, they didn’t even come up with the campaign initially.  There have been cold water challenges around for a while but nothing of this massive scope.

For the ALS Association, they have basically got us shooting our own commercials for their charity and it has caught on like wildfire.  ALS has tapped the power of Social Media for their cause and they are counting the money as our self produced commercials feed them the donations.  Make no mistake this is a worthy cause and more money will go to the researchers because their marketing costs are minimal. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 09

Year of the Cat: Insanity, Brilliance, or Something Else?

YOTC1I made a joke last New Year’s about resolutions and how I should make a completely silly one. Off the top of my head, I began to develop a concept that very quickly became ‘Year of the Cat.’ The idea was to post a picture of a cat for every day in 2014 provided I was the photographer for each of these pictures. On first glance, it seemed like a fairly straightforward task.  I should probably mention that I don’t actually have a cat. Ah yes, the level of difficulty just increased.

I am a huge cat fan so I had a few cat pictures that I had already taken. This fact could buy me a little bit of time before the primary subject of this developing ‘catnado’ would get her first photo-shoot. Boots, is a beautiful Maine Coon cat who luckily lives with my Mom. This was great for the cat and also for my Mom as it meant more visits. I fully expect her to suggest a Year of the Dog next year to keep the visits regular. She has a gorgeous Sheltie named Katie who is also very photogenic.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 30

Some days…


Feb 04

Visual Spaces – The Copyright Zone

DSCN2669Social media and the Internet in general has been moving away from a text driven environment. Those online spaces have become a much more visual experience.  Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ are huge examples of this trend.  Images are becoming more and more popular. It is absolutely a form of social media suicide not to be using them.  Oh course, using images can come with a whole slew of copyright issues that can get you in some hot water if you are careless with where you are acquiring your source images.   You have to be mindful of copyright.  So just how do you create a rich visual experience without infringing on copyright?

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