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Jan 23

Candace vs. the Tornado


I have always had a fascination with weather since as young as I can remember.  I think I got a lot of that from my grandfather.  Pops would be constantly listening to the weather and checking his trusty barometer which he hung proudly in his living room.  He was the type of person who would …

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Jan 13

Adventures in Seaweed: My First Business Plan


At eight, I was too young to understand what a business plan was but that was not going to stop me from creating my first one.  You may be thinking about a lemonade stand or maybe a paper route but those would both be wrong as I had decided to go into the seaweed business.  …

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Jan 07


Nova Scotia Forest in March

I have been racking my brain all morning trying to figure out how to follow up the Freddie Mercury post as honestly, the bar was raised pretty high with that one. My first inclination was to write about blogging or maybe a post on branding as they are both topics I want to touch on …

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Dec 10

Candace vs. the Alligator


The Daughter of Man had a majority of the story set in Florida and as such it was essential for me to spend some time down in the Sunshine State.  Florida, at that time was completely alien to me as I had never been outside of Canada and knew very little about what I was …

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Dec 07

The Cork Street Ghost


I want to say that I am not afraid of ghosts but honestly if I made that claim to you, you would have every right to call me a liar. In reality I’m very afraid of ghosts which I had always suspected and then confirmed in my first and only ghost encounter. You may find …

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Nov 27

The Sandbox


Inspiration comes in many forms and often at times when you least expect it. This was the case for me when I was fifteen and living away from home for my first time. I had run away as I was, at the time, having issues with my family and needed the separation. It was a …

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