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Nov 07

The Cost


Sometimes I think I feel too much Intensely woven, the emotional stuff On the outside you will never see My pain, my sorrow, or even me People think I am just so tough A wicked girl all steely and rough She can take it she’s just that strong Look inside you’ll see that you’re wrong I’ll internalize my feelings so please …

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Jan 18

The Fall


I had always thought I could stand alone Sit by myself, so high on my throne My fortress was strong and ready to fight All sides were clear, no enemy in sight Pin It

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Dec 29

New Year’s Resolution or Road-map to Failure


Every year as the calendar advances to the next year, our celebrations come to an end and we partake into the serious business of making a New Year’s resolution.  These resolutions are usually a checklist of the things we perceive as being wrong in our lives.  For example, if you are overweight, you will almost …

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Dec 15

The Return of Christmas


Once again the holidays are upon us and this year there is something slightly different about them.  This change appears to hark back to how it used to be. I am actually hearing people verbalizing ‘Christmas’ more and more.  The political correctness on how we should refer to the holidays seems to be easing up.  Could …

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Jun 09

Autumn’s Discrimination Rant


My name is Autumn Foster and I don’t actually exist other than in the mind of Candace Mountain.  She created me as one of the characters in her next novel.  Despite the disadvantage that comes with not really existing, I still have a lot of opinions and things to share that are worth talking about.  …

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Feb 18

The Wedding


The woman watched as the waves rolled in and broke on the sand of the deserted beach and it almost seemed to her like the ocean was angry.  Each wave crashed in white fury a little further than the last and the sand seemed powerless to stop the ocean’s angry assault.  She knew that a …

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Jan 04

A Hero Named Freddie Mercury


On November 24th, 1991 the world lost one of the greatest musicians of our modern era, a man named Freddie Mercury.  He was the front man for the British super group Queen which I am certain you have all heard of.  If you have not heard of Queen then I am envious of you because …

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Dec 22

Cheyenne’s Christmas Catastrophe Part 3

Cheyenne was not really sure how long it had been since she had last been home and as such decided that it was probably not a great idea to just barge into her parents home.  She felt guilty about the fact that she had completely fallen out of touch with them after her initial encounter …

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Dec 18

Cheyenne’s Christmas Catastrophe Part 2

Jay was having a very bad year and it seemed like no matter what he did, things simply did not work out.   It began in March when he lost his job, as apparently his lack of work ethic caught the attention of the boss who finally had enough of Jay.  In May, his girlfriend threw …

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Dec 16

Cheyenne’s Christmas Catastrophe Part 1

“I want to go home for Christmas,” Cheyenne stated firmly as she closely examined Rebecca’s pale face, which was surrounded by an ample amount of black hair, trying to figure out how the older vampire would respond.  “I know you think it is a bad idea and I know it won’t be easy controlling my …

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