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Jan 12

Where is Candace’s Next Blog Article?

Hi everyone, I want to thank you all for making Cat William’s guest appearance here yesterday a great success.  I also want to personally thank Cat Williams for dropping by and sharing her tips with us.  If you have not read How to beat the January blues yet, give it a read as it is a wonderful …

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Jan 11

How to beat the January blues


Hi, I’m Cat Williams. I am a relationship counsellor, British Army wife, author, speaker, and mother of two. I blog about and answer relationship dilemmas on my website During the first few months of the New Year we can often feel low. This might be because it is a cold and dark time of year; because …

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Jan 05

Coming Soon: Guest Blogger Cat Williams

I have talked a lot about cross marketing and the importance of blogging.  Nothing brings these two concepts together better than a guest blogger.  Opening up your space to other bloggers that your audience will enjoy is an essential tool to help ensure you have a successful blog.  A little caution is definitely necessary when …

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Feb 02

XOXOXO: Hugs and Kisses or Tic-Tac-Toe Without Borders?


If you are a regular reader and have figured out the release pattern I use for my articles, then you are probably scratching your head as this one is a day early.  The reason for my deviance from my normal schedule is that a good writer friend of mine, Bethany Lopez, is celebrating the cover …

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Dec 05

Review: Fanged and Fabulous by Michelle Rowen

Michelle has created an interesting continuation of her Immortality Bites series with Fanged and Fabulous. The story deals with some of the ramifications of the first novel as Sarah is labeled the Slayer of Slayers and this opens up a mess of problems for her with the hunters and vampires. Despite all of the problems …

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