Jan 25

Your Social Media Utility Belt

Once you have begun to develop your social media strategy, it does not take long before you realize just how much time and energy it is going to take to develop a marketable following.  I am not going to lie to you, getting quality followers is hard work unless you’re a celebrity.   In fact, it will devour a good portion of your time and you will come to understand why many of us become social media/marketing experts along the way.  If I have scared you a little, don’t fret too much as I plan to share with you some tools in this post that will make the job easier and will save you lots of time along the way.

We are now going to assemble your social media utility belt which will contain the essential tools you will use for everything from sending tweets while you sleep to reaching millions of potential readers with your blog.  Yes, I did say millions.  Now before you start counting your potential sales we need to actually talk about the tools and discuss how you can use them on your path to becoming a social media guru.

I recently polled my social media contacts in regards to their favorite tools and as a result the  tool we are adding to our utility belt first, came out on top with a huge margin.  Hootsuite was the overwhelming favorite and it was not surprising as it is a really great Twitter management tool.  The first thing it does is allow you to stream your Twitter accounts into its interface and break apart the stream into various useful fields such as the mentions field.  Different accounts are set up on different tabs thus making it easy to toggle through your accounts.

In addition to being able to do all of your normal Twitter activities on Hootsuite, it will also allow you to schedule tweets.  With this feature you can appear to be online 24/7 and reach those followers who live on the opposite side of the globe while you sleep.  The paid version which is very affordable will also allow you to schedule tweets in bulk.  In addition to these features, Hootsuite is web based so anywhere you can access the Internet you can access your streams and scheduled Tweets.  Hootsuite also allows you to set up teams for group access in situations where you may need to provide access to multiple people.

The next tool for our utility belt is called SocialBro and it is a great tool for Twitter follower management.  One of my favorite things about SocialBro is that it allows me to search for new followers with very precise settings so that I am finding people in my target audience.  I can configure the number of followers, the number of people they follow, their activity levels, and various other statistics.  I can further narrow down my search  by adding key words from their bio.  As an author, ‘avid reader’ is a good one to search on especially if I continue to narrow it down by adding ‘paranormal.’

In addition to finding followers, SocialBro has many other useful functions and one of the other very useful ones is that it can analyze your followers’ online time.  From this data, it can easily create a graph that shows you when your optimum time to tweet is which is when you will reach the most users.  You can also bring up charts that break down where your followers live, their language, and many other useful tidbits about your followers as a whole.  I am still discovering new things everyday about SocialBro that I like and I highly recommend you give it a try.

The next item on your utility belt is Triberr which is a online blog sharing  community that allows you to reach many more people than you could do by yourself.  Basically, when you join Triberr you then join a tribe of likeminded bloggers.  I generally  join tribes involved with writing or marketing as my blog posts will fit in well with those topics.  Once you join a tribe, you enter the rss feed for your blog and it then populates a share page for the members and they then tweet it out to their followers.  Depending on who is in your tribe, you can quite literally have it tweeted to millions of people.  It is a great tool for getting traffic to your blog.

The next tool you need on your social media utility is another sharing website called Scoopit.  Scoopit allows you to create an online magazine with its own unique topic name.  The topic names are unique because people on Scoopit follow topics instead of people.  The articles get shared (rescooped) with topic followers and have a potential to get passed around a lot and this can drive a lot of traffic to your blog.  Scoopit is relatively new and is only going to get bigger so getting in now is a good idea.

Hootsuite, SocialBro, Triberr, and Scoopit where the top four in my poll and rightfully they should be.  There are other great tools out there such as Manageflitter which we discussed in Basics of Twitter Marketing: Part One The Followers, and also Bundlepost which we have not touched on yet.  Feel free to check both of them out as they are also great tools.  Keep in mind that new tools are coming out weekly and over time we may have some new ones to add to our social media utility belt.

This is the part of the post where I attempt to pay my bills.  I am an author and my current novel is the supernatural action packed thriller The Daughter of Man and it is available from those good folks over at Amazon.  Please take a moment to visit Amazon and read some reviews and if they catch your interest then by all means try the free sample as I am sure you will enjoy it.  Anyway, thank you for dropping by today.  I hope you have found the above article useful and please feel free to tear up my comment section with your comments or even recommendations for tools you think I should have added to the good old utility belt.


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  1. Jill

    Great post Candace, thanks for all the awesome advice.

    1. camountain

      Thank you very much!

  2. Steve Hughes

    This is a solid list, and use all of them as well. I’ve really been impressed with SocialBro and their features which include best time to tweet, real-time analytics, and second to none filtering as you mentioned. Hootsuite is just a gem. It really allows you to organize, especially when dealing with multiple accounts. Thanks for putting this together Candace.

    1. camountain

      Thank you for your comment Steve. I am convinced that Social Bro may be even cooler than I realize.

  3. Ross Quintana

    Candace, This is my first read of yours and I think you did a great job. I am using 3 out of 4 of these and will definitely check out the 4th thanks to your recommendation.

    1. camountain

      You’re welcome ;-)

  4. J.C. Martin

    Awesome post! There are so many of these tools I’ve never heard of or tried! Thanks for pointing them out!

    1. camountain

      Anything that saves time means more time to write ;-)

  5. Cara Bristol

    Social Bro sounds like a great tool. Do you think that Hootsuite is superior to Tweet Deck?

    1. camountain

      I used to use Tweetdeck and after I discovered Hootsuite I never looked back. There are a few things that Tweetdeck does better such as letting you delete tweets from their feed after you have read them. However, once you start using Hootsuite and realize everything it does better, it becomes a no brainer.

      1. Shelley Pringle

        I use Hootsuite now as well and completely agree. I found there was another drawback with Tweetdeck: it crashed my computer. Great post, Candace. I’ve used many of the tools you mention, but not all of them. Will definitely try those ones out soon.

        1. camountain

          Thank you Shelley ;-)

  6. Jason Ramsey

    Great article Candace, I use most of these, but you did shed light on some I need to check out.

    1. camountain

      Now you know what that poll was for lol.

  7. Haley Whitehall

    Thank you for all this useful information. SocialBro is exactly the program I have been looking for to manage my Twitter account. Now to figure out how to use Triberr.

  8. Edmond Bollinger

    This actually answered my drawback, thanks!

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