Feb 10

Empire Avenue: Game or Social Media Tool? #EAvRetweets

You may or may not have heard of Empire Avenue  and for those who have heard of it, you may be under the belief that it is some sort of Stock Market simulation game.  You would be, for the most part, correct as it is indeed on the surface a game.   However, Empire Avenue is much more than that once you begin to look at what it does and how it becomes a valuable tool for Social Media.  That’s right; Empire Avenue is absolutely a Social Media tool at its core.

When you sign up for Empire Avenue one of the first decisions you get to make is your stock ticker as well as a category you wish to be a part of.  In my case I choose CANDACEM as my ticker and joined the ‘writing’ index or category.  Your ticker is important as that is how people will see you and the index comes into play in a recognition system that takes you from employee to CEO of a particular index.  If you make a mistake with your index you can always change it later.  You should also upload an avatar at this point as it will increase the initial interactions you receive.  Once you have chosen a stock symbol and an index and also uploaded your avatar, you are then taken into your main portfolio screen.

Your first exposure to the game will be a lot of random people buying your shares which will give you eaves, EaV’s virtual currency, to spend in addition to the 2000 you begin with.  Don’t worry so much about them as your first priority is to go to the connection tab and begin to link all your various sites into the game.  Add everything, as the more connections you make here, the more people will invest in you and they will all play a major role in your growth.  So far it still sounds like a game, but that is about to change as we get more into the mechanics of growth.

There are two major statistics that are very important in Empire Avenue.  The first is your share price which increases when people buy into your stock.  The second important stat is your dividends which will determine how many eaves your shareholders receive each day from your stock.  Your dividends start out low but increase as your activity scores increase for each of your connections and on Empire Avenue too.  The higher your dividends, the more people will want to buy you as they will make more eaves from your stock.  More people buying your stock means you have more eaves to buy back their stock, and invest in other stocks with good dividends which ensure that you receive higher payouts when the daily dividends are paid.

I am sure it becomes obvious that to get ahead in Empire Avenue you need to be social.  You need to be using your Social Media websites that you are already using to promote your goals whether it is to sell a book, product, or awareness for your cause.   If Empire Avenue stopped here, the benefits would only be those of keeping you active on Facebook and Twitter.  However, Empire Avenue takes it further by also basing part of your dividends on your activity on Empire Avenue which includes being active in their groups.

There are a good range of forum based groups in Empire Avenue that cover a good range of interests and you can even make new ones to cater to an interest not already covered.  One very active member made a backyard chicken group, for example.  Groups become a great place to meet people who will interact with you as it is in their best interest to do so within the game and for them to get exposure as well as you.  Groups are a huge benefit to developing great social interactions and they work really well.  Empire Avenue has recently taken it even further with the introduction of a great new aspect to the game that takes interactions to a new high.

Missions are highly interactive and are created by players where they reward you with eaves to do something such as sharing content via your social networks.  This becomes a great vehicle for driving traffic to your blog or cause or even a YouTube video.  More traffic will generally result in greater sales or more donations if it is a charity that you are running.  Empire Avenue can open up the doors to a new realm of good people with awesome connections who will help you become better with Social Media.  Personally, Empire Avenue has taken me to the next level of Social Media and I am thankful to Chris Pirillo for first introducing me to it.  I hope you decide to add Empire Avenue into your Social Media plan as I would love to see you on the avenue.

It is that time again when I must pay the bills which I do from selling my novel, The Daughter of Man.  If you would be kind enough to head on over to Amazon and read some reviews and download the free sample, it would certainly make my day.  If you like a good thriller with a bit of a paranormal twist then you will love this book.  Before you go, please feel free to subscribe to this blog and definitely hit the comments below.

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  1. Paul Shirey

    I use empire avenue as a social media tool to gain traffic to my latest blogging project, but in order to have success on it you have to treat it as a game in some aspect. One of the biggest things you have to accomplish are high daily dividend earnings so you can afford to do plenty of missions without having to pay any money for the high priced eaves.

    1. camountain

      You are absolutely right. The best benefits come when you are able to run a lot of missions and get people over to your blog or other platform where you need the traffic or a little push with some sharing.

  2. Roger

    Candace, I totally agree. Once I started using Empire Avenue, all my reputation metrics started to increase. My blog post has details of how my Klout score increased.

    The key is that EA is a self-motivator. It’s ideal if you need inspiration or ideas about what to tweet, post on Facebook, etc. BTW You can find me on Empire Avenue http://www.empireavenue.com/rharris

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