Dec 05

Review: Fanged and Fabulous by Michelle Rowen

Michelle has created an interesting continuation of her Immortality Bites series with Fanged and Fabulous. The story deals with some of the ramifications of the first novel as Sarah is labeled the Slayer of Slayers and this opens up a mess of problems for her with the hunters and vampires. Despite all of the problems the hunters were creating for her, Sarah seemed more wrapped up in her romantic issues with Thierry than the perils that were occurring around her which makes for some interesting predicaments.

Sarah’s obsession with Thierry could have distracted from the plot but Michelle has a unique way of making the romance more important to the reader than the events in the book until she is ready to have us switch focus back and then she delivers on the plot. The book was very enjoyable and the romantic layer made it fabulously cute on many levels. She expertly planted a few plot points that I have no doubt we will be seeing in later installments. I look forward to the next book and I would recommend this book if you need a good light romantic paranormal fix.


  1. Jeffery Rowan

    As some smart soul coined: say what you will, just spell my name right. It should be Michelle Rowen. I suffer from a similar problem having the “an” ending.

  2. camountain

    Thank you for catching that and I fixed it. I need to hire an editor for my blog lol.

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