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Paging Facebook: How to Succeed with Facebook Pages

A Facebook fan/business page is a great place to engage your potential customers and begin to build relationships between them and your brand.  It is positively a great place to foster meaningful engagement that will build trust and turn your potential customers into loyal ones.   Before long, this fan base can swell and your brand’s value can only increase as a result.  Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, there is a lot of hard work that will need to go into your page before this can start happening.

Before we start worrying about bringing in the fans, let’s first concentrate on getting the stage set to ensure that your brand message is going to come across visually.  The first thing you will want to do is upload your logo, or maybe, in a lot of author’s cases, the logo is your smiling face.  I am touching on the basic options, keep in mind there are powerful applications that can change the look and feel of your Facebook fan page drastically.  Custom tabs as well as various iframe applications are two of the more popular ones that you may be interested in looking into if the basic layout does not convey your branding adequately.

Some of the other basic features that you should be aware of are the photo banner that runs along the top and also the custom likes on the right hand side.  The photo banner will display images in your photo folders giving preference to the last five images you were tagged in.  Easily this means you can use the banner to put in whatever branding message you want remembering to tag them.  The one downside is if someone tags a photo of you which is not a huge probability on a fan page unless you are a celebrity.  If that happens, you can simply click on a little ‘x’ that comes up and select remove the picture which will return your banner to normal.  With some creativity you can really take advantage of the photo banner space.

Engagement is the key to your success on Facebook because by engaging your customers you are giving them the chance to be heard and this creates a feeling that they matter.  Of course, they do matter to us and I will stress that you must treat the super fan who buys everything or service that you provide the same as the potential fan who doesn’t seem keen on your product.  In my case, if a person is not a fan of supernatural thrillers, by treating them well they could very well suggest me to a friend who does like the sort of books that I write.

You want to have meaningful conversations with your fans and to have that occur you need to be a curator of quality content.  You need to provide them with the content that they will want to read and talk about.  If you do it correctly, they will not only engage with you, but also with each other.  This is where your fan page begins to feel almost like a community.  If you can achieve that, you will create a very good fan base that you can continue to build trust with and eventually convert many of them into those super fans I mentioned earlier.

The type of content is important as you want it to cater to your target audience and staying within your niche can be hard.  You can also ask questions to help engage your fans on anything from a movie they may have watched to a current event. Open up your fan page to your customers, let them make posts and surprisingly this could lead to some great fan created content or discussions that can serve to empower your brand.   Remember, if you can spark discussion with your fans, you are well on the way to making your Facebook fan page work for you.  Be creative, active, and engaging, it will pay off for your brand.

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I would really like to take this discussion into the comments.  Please, tell me if you are using Facebook Fan pages below and also what has been your experience thus far.  To go one step further, if you have a favorite add-on that you use, please feel free to link it below.

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  1. Renee Pawlish

    Great post. I also recommend having a landing page, and using add-ons to make your page more dynamic. I’ve built a following of almost 1100 in 6 months – I try to post once a day as well, and not just selling posts, and now I am seeing people share things and comment and so on. I also have a series of training videos if you or anyone are interested :).

    1. camountain

      Thank you for your comments Renee. Please feel free to drop some links here to your training videos in case anyone is interested.

  2. Ey Wade

    Thanks. Amazing that I was questioning members of a FB group just last night about this topic. My question was whether or not I should use FB as my fan page. I have a lander, but someone said you can’t ‘like’ someone and make it count.

    1. camountain

      Thank you Ey :-)

  3. Katherine

    I am constantly searching out articles to share on my FB fan page that highlights tips and tricks to maneuver FB, Twitter or other social media sites that I engage with. It is amazing how many people/small businesses have no clue, but want to utilize the power that it has. You touch on some simple strategies that can be effective. I just might be sharing this article next!

    1. camountain

      Feel free to share any of my articles :-)

  4. Adam Justice

    Candace, this is some great advice. A great introduction to Facebook pages for any beginner, and a good refresher for those who already have been through this during the initial setup!

    1. camountain

      Thank you Adam ;-)

  5. Jorgen Poulsen

    Hi Candice,

    great article as usual.

    How can I possibly not plug how to marry Pinterest and Facebook. Here’s how you add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook Page.


    This instructions also includes how to add a Pinterest button to your tab. It’s a bit more complicated and you don’t have to add the button to make it work.

    You can see how it works like here http://www.facebook.com/thecatalystpartnership.


    1. camountain

      Great addition for your Facebook fan page. Thanks Jorgen.

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