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Content: aka His Royal Majesty

I am sure you have heard the whole argument that content is king in the world of social media.  It sure is important to the point that it can single handedly spell the success or doom of a blog.  It doesn’t matter how flashy your blog is or how many fancy bells and whistles you have.  If the content is subpar, your blog will be too and readers will not return nor will they engage with you.  Engagement is so important and to get that key interaction with your readers you need to provide excellent content.

Creating great content is not easy and there are key elements to help you ensure that your content will be awesome.  Here are my top four elements that will help you write some really great content.


Relevance is the most important element to consider when you begin to write your content.  You need to have a good idea about what people are talking about and what the hot topics of the day are in social media.  Before I started this post I looked at current blogs, twitter conversations, and social media themed chat groups such as #eavchat.  One of the topics that stood out was the whole idea of content being king which seemed to me to be the right choice for this article.


Adding humor, and in effect personality, into your presentation will better connect with your reader and make your content so much more memorable.  I like to compare the use of humor to a field that you drive by on any ordinary day.  After passing the field, you will quickly forget about it as there are a lot of fields out there.  However, if you drive pass a field with a naked guy doing jumping jacks in the middle of it, you will never forget that field.  Not only does the field become unforgettable, you will want to tell people about it, you will want to share it.  Humor truly is a catalyst for engagement.


It is really important to present your content in a manner in which it is easy to read, navigate and the sharing options are easy to find.  Firstly, you should try to keep paragraphs short and to the point as the Internet age readers are often scared off by too many words.  It is really easy to click away from a page so you don’t want to give them an excuse to do so.  You should ensure that you at least edited the page as weird sentence structure and spelling errors can be that excuse you don’t want them to find.  Also, make sure that your font is not too small or a color does not contrast enough for readers with less and 20/20 vision.  Finally, if they cannot easily find your sharing buttons, they will not share it.


You absolutely should be using images as they will make your content look more inviting and can be used quite creatively.  Images can help with the flow of the content thus helping with the readability element and they can also be humorous which can help with the humor element.  You should use them but at the same time, you should be wary of over using them.  If you use really large images it can fragment your content making it harder to read and also slow down the page loading time for people with slower connections.  I like smaller images and usually have 3 or 4 per article which I believe is a good amount.   A picture is worth a thousand words; just make sure it is not a lengthy excuse in regards to why the reader left your site.

If you move forward being mindful of the above elements your content will only improve and you will see your site statistics returning higher site visitor numbers.  You will also see an increase in engagement which is what it is all about.

That is it for now and I want to thank you for dropping by to read my content.   If you want a more intimate content experience with me than I invite you to check out my debut novel The Daughter of Man.  My book is available from the good folks over at Amazon in kindle format or as a trade paperback.  It is also available to borrow for Amazon Prime members.  I really appreciate your support and would love to take the content discussion the extra mile in the comments.  What is your best content trick?  What mistakes will make you leave a blog without finishing the article?

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  1. Kosta Montoya

    Thank you !

    1. camountain

      You’re welcome :-)

  2. Erik van Erne

    Great, i agree with you

    1. camountain

      Thank you Erik :-)

  3. Liz

    It’s important to me that the blog post is substantial. It’s irritating to go read a blog post and it’s 300 words or less, basically a paragraph. If I’m going to take the time to visit your blog, I want to learn something or be entertained.

    As for me, I find coming up with free images to be a challenge. You have to credit the photographer and often resize them. I tend to just use one at the beginning of my blog post.

    1. camountain

      I like a little meat too. I would rather the blog be too long than too short provided the information is good. In regards to images it is not too hard to make your own with Photoshop though time can be a problem.

  4. Elza van Swieten

    Royally shared…

    1. camountain

      Royally thanked :-)

  5. Paulo Mealha

    The richness of the content is everything in a blog.

    I agree with you. this is why there are blogs that I visit repeatedly and others not. This is one of those who I have a special affection.

    1. camountain

      Thank you Paulo, I always enjoy your visits.

  6. Tarcisio Santos de Salles

    Congratulations Candace! Your referrals are essentially useful for everyone who wants to be a blogger!
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. camountain

      You too Tarcisio and thank you for your kind words.

  7. Sarah Wilson (@MySmartPuppy)

    Nice layout. You are so right about readability. Nice blog!

  8. Deanna Johnson

    Another great post! I always enjoy your writing style, Candace, and get some valuable tips. Thank you!

  9. Gaye Crispin

    Hi Candace,

    This is very helpful information. I particularly agree with a touch of humour making it memorable.

    A very helpful list of suggestions and happily shared.

    I hope you have a great week-end,


  10. Ramesh Shankerlal

    Thanks for sharing….i have shared it further, being a very informative article….Thanks again Candace

  11. Tim Spaulding

    “Creating great content is not easy…” So true Candace. Many people have an idea they would like to share but developing that into an interesting or informative blog post is challenging. In the next paragraph you state: “Before I started this post I looked at current blogs, twitter conversations, and social media themed chat groups…” This is something that would be great content for training, how to research your topic to make it a great post.

    Thanks for your informative post, I have shared it as well.

    1. camountain

      Thank you Tim. I also find the hardest part is beginning. Once I have the first few paragraphs it becomes easier as the creative juices loosen up.

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