Mar 12

Pinterest Wars: Attack of the Clones

We have talked a fair amount in recent articles, Stick a Pin in it: Marketing with Pinterest and  On Pins and Needles: Sharp Add-ons and Ideas for Pinterest, about the new Internet craze called Pinterest.  The amount of growth in 2011 and into this year has been faster than any other social media network in history.  In fact, Pinterest has been and continues to be the most incredible success story thus far and as it continues to grow in popularity, the clones have begun to appear. 

It is not uncommon for people to want to copy the success of a great idea such as Pinterest and that is exactly what is happening.  However, in some cases the copying is almost too close for comfort and some of the Pinterest clones are looking  like actual clones in some cases.  I do not know but suspect that there could be some potential legal difficulties for a few of these clones on the horizon.  For now,  I invite you to take a look as we sort out some of these clones.

If you’re going to copy a great idea you really should take the time to create an original knock off and in many cases, these clones failed to do that.  Some of them look identical to Pinterest with names that even suggest to you that they are clones.  Pinspire, Stylepin, and j-linterest are three of these clones that are simply not interested in unique branding.  j-linterest even went as far as using the same fonts for their logo.  At least the other clones I will mention enough had the sense to create some uniqueness with their names.  I guess if you really want folks to know that you are a clone, the above three have done well with their names alone.

Some of the other clones at least try to be a little different and probably have less of a chance at getting sued.  Little Monsters is actually a Pinterest clone started by, you guessed it, Lady Gaga.  Some of the others include Minglewing, Thinng, Get Vega, Fancy, We Heart it, Gentlemint (The man’s Pinterest clone), design:related, VisualizeUs, and Image Spark.  You may recognize a few as some have been around for a while and underwent some changes to make them more like Pinterest.  I need to also mention Snatchly but do so with a great big warning as it is basically Pinterest for porn.  I will not be providing a direct link to that one so if you have to check it out, Google is your friend.

An argument can be made for each of these clones as to whether or not it is a shallow comparison or if it exceeds Pinterest.  Despite the case, Pinterest is the reigning champion and any of these clones will have an uphill, if not impossible, battle to dethrone Pinterest.  It will not be something that happens soon nor with a clone.  If you want to dethrone Pinterest you need to design an environment that is completely unique and pushes the envelope in ways that Pinterest does not.  Honestly, it is not something I expect to see in the foreseeable future.  Pinterest is here to stay and it’s growth will continue to explode through 2012.

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  1. Roger Hoyt

    I find it interesting that people will clone, or attempt to remake a Social Media website if it has any sort of success. It’s like kids in a Candy Store. I do agree though, the least they could do is be original with the name.

  2. Adam Justice

    Well, Pinterest actually wasn’t the first pin board. It’s essentially a re-packaging of 4-chan if you want to trace it back to a major site (but there were a lot more incarnations in between that look run almost identically to Pinterest), which is a knockoff of Japanese image boards.

    I always thought the Pinterest logo and the Path logo was pretty similar… wonder which one came first?

    You can download a Pin Board theme for wordpress and have your own Pinterest in 2 hours (and yeah, it will look just about the same).

    Reminds me of a passage in Ecclesiastes “There is nothing new under the sun, it’s all as useless as chasing the wind”

  3. Catherine White

    There’s something decidedly hypocritical to speak of clones, of clones, of clones. Pinterest reminds me of Canal Street, in Chinatown New York. A strip of knock offs.

    Many are beginning to opt out and delete their boards, and for good reason.

  4. Senthilganesh

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  5. Russell

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