Apr 17

Instagram, Pinterest and the Visual Internet

If you remember the Internet back in the nineties you may recall there was a lot more text and annoying things that blinked.  Easily,  by today’s standards these animated gifs would be considered tacky except perhaps on Google+.  The Internet has evolved a lot since then and you will find that most websites are much more refined with less blink and more quality graphics.  In reality, the modern Internet is very much more graphics based and if current trends continue you can expect it to move towards more pictures and less text.  Pinterest and Instagram are two huge examples of how this new visual Internet is going to take shape.

Pinterest is absolutely huge and growing at an unheard of rate as more and more people join the picture sharing frenzy.  It is no longer just mid-western housewives sharing recipes or pictures of their pets.  It has exploded into every demographic and has expanded into the sharing of video as well as photos.  There is definitely a great marketing potential there and if you are not on Pinterest yet, you ought to be.  So far they are on the right track and they have a lot of people working behind the scenes on new features that will enhance the experience even more.

Instagram may very well have more potential than Pinterest to explode into a social networking mega mammoth.  Originally, Instagram was only available on the iPhone or iTouch which limited its growth as a photo sharing platform.  However this is all changing as Instagram is now available for android phones and has been purchased by Facebook.  Despite what people are saying, Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram is huge and it paints a future where Instagram will become available for the desktop computer.  Mark my words, within a year you will see Instagram on the PC.

Pinterest has the leg up on Instagram at the moment when it comes to organizing your pictures with boards which enhances the presentation aspect.  However, Instagram has many advantages that make it an essential part of your social media strategy.  One of the features that make Instagram hugely valuable is the ability to configure it to post your photo on multiple platforms which can be a huge time saver.  Currently you can set it to post on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Posterous, and Flickr.  In addition to multiple postings, Instagram also allows you to add filters to your photos that can quite literally turn a mediocre picture into a work of art.

Pictures are the future of the Internet and if you do not have a camera or even a camera phone, you will be cutting yourself off from a valuable network.  Social media is all about networking and this includes more than just following people on Twitter.  You need to create a well-rounded presence on the web which will translate into your marketing strategy.  You will sell more of your books, widgets or services when people are familiar with your brand.  Don’t hold off; get connected on Instagram and Pinterest and start sharing those pictures, images, brands.  One word of caution, remember what you share will get associated with your brand so you may want to keep that in mind before you post something that may not reflect well on the brand.

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