Jul 20

Between Books: Bridging the Gap

Writing a book is often fairly long process and as a result readers may have to wait up to a year or longer for a return to the world that your last book created. Lovers of your previous work grow to miss the fantastic world you created and it’s characters.   They are usually more than willing to shell out the purchase price once they’re finally rewarded with a new book. This is how the relationship between Authors and readers has always been in the past. With the ease of self-publishing and the emergence of social media, this does not necessarily have to be the case anymore. Authors have the tools to change this relationship with their readers and create unique engagement opportunities.

Short stories are a fantastic way to add extra content and provide the reader with glimpses of the world they fell in love with in your book. It is a chance to bring extra depth to the minor characters or explore a chapter that bridges the last novel with the next. It is also an incredible way to introduce new readers to your writing and, as a result, create new fans . These short stories should be completely free as they will become marketing tools for the next book as well as rewards for loyal readers.

In my next novel, one of the minor characters is a werewolf and she really has a pretty interesting back-story.  With all that is going on in ‘Polly Woggins and the Nanobot Nightmare,’ I won’t have time to explore her story in the book. However, a short story becomes ideal for getting out her tale and exploring the events that shaped her personality and ultimately led to her becoming a part of the book. I am still working on her tale but look for it to be available as a free kindle download in August.

Some other ideas for keeping the magic alive between books is to bring a character or two to life on Twitter or another social media network. An occasional tweet from the main character about what is going on in their world can rekindle the magic for fans. A dialogue can enhance that even more if you have a few characters you have created accounts for. There really isn’t a limit to the creativity you can come up with to bridge the gap.  The important part is to do something and take advantage of the new landscape us writer’s are all navigating together.


Candace Mountain

Candace Mountain is the author of the supernatural thriller The Daughter of Man which is available on Amazon for the kindle or as a trade paperback. 

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  1. Peter Johnstone

    Been thinking about bringing my minor characters to life via Facebook, but it does slightly get in the way of actually writing book 2 and that’s the think that keeps us writers (no apostrophe) going. Difficult dilemma

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