Jun 09

Autumn’s Discrimination Rant

swansMy name is Autumn Foster and I don’t actually exist other than in the mind of Candace Mountain.  She created me as one of the characters in her next novel.  Despite the disadvantage that comes with not really existing, I still have a lot of opinions and things to share that are worth talking about.  I do need to caution that these opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of Miss Mountain.  They better reflect her opinions too and probably do.  Without further ado, let’s move into the topic I want to talk about.

It is 2013 and by now we have all heard that discrimination is bad and yet it is still alive and kicking.  Strangely enough, it is still pretty easy for people to hate other people just because they are different.  Really? Seriously? What you talking about Willis?  I am not sure who Willis is but Candace found that funny and made me put it in. Yup, discrimination, intolerance and straight up hate are alive and well and we are all victims in one way or another.

It seems that some people will make fun of almost anyone who is different for a multitude of reasons.  My favorite one is God.  Really, your God is all loving but yet wants you to hate a specific group for being different (Abominations)?  That doesn’t really make any sort of logical sense to me.  Some dude in Germany once hated people for being different and we can all agree that that was wrong then.  So why is it okay now?

We are all different and we all have different flags that we wave proudly to reflect those differences.  Your flag may be the same as mine or completely different and that is cool.  Maybe your flag has a rainbow on it or even a little blue wheelchair symbol or in some cases even both.  Maybe the only flag you wave is the one that waves over your country and there is nothing wrong with that. Candace wants this to remain relevant so she asked me to add cyborgs as a future group that could be discriminated against – raise those cog shaped flags robot people.  Candace further claims that calling cyborgs ‘robot people’ could be offensive – my apologies.

Diversity is the key to progress.  We should be celebrating our differences because when we look at some of the greatest minds ever, we see a lot of people who have been discriminated against in one form or another.  Albert Einstein was Jewish and yet he transformed the world.  Stephen Hawking sits in a wheelchair and can barely communicate but he has inspired new ways at looking at the Universe.  Martin Luther King Jr. was African American and his dream is what we are all trying to realize as we come together.  Leonardo Da Vinci was Gay and yet he helped bring art and science towards the modern age.

Instead of hating someone for being different, offer them friendship.  Look at differences as an opportunity to learn and enrich your life.  Instead of bullying the odd kids at school, talk to them and let them into your world.  Of course, the cyborg people are just like you and me and they are not out to conquer the world and usher in a ‘rise of the machines’ future. God, Candace is such a dork – but I love her for it. They are just a little more logical than you or I.

Autumn Foster (@autumnjfoster)


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  1. Veronica Singleton

    Candace: I do believe this is the very first thing of yours that I’ve read. I love that third person. And, yes I so agree with Autumn. God, and his Son Jesus Christ are love, They don’t know anything other than love. You cannot love God and His Son, and hate your neighbor. That is written. Great blog.

    Veronica/Writer’s Unite

  2. Michel Ds

    Your article makes a lot of sense, and brought up some very good points. I added this page to my bookmarks and I look forward to your next post.

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