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The Collaboration Factor and Cross Marketing

engagementIf you want to be successful at selling your product in today’s social media driven market place, you need to utilize collaboration and cross marketing.  The days of marketing solo are gone and this is a very good thing.  Via collaborations online and with your cross marketing efforts you are in reality creating a massive sales team that will help you reach your marketing goals.  The beautiful part is that you pay them in time and your cross marketing efforts instead of having to maintain a costly payroll for this highly effective and motivated team.  Of course, your dream team is not really free as you are just as much their employee as they are yours.  This cross marketing symbiosis works.

When I talk about collaboration, I am referring to your marketing efforts.  You may very well design your own product by yourself or with another team.  As a writer, I do most of the heavy lifting but I then rely on others to bring my finished product to the table.  When it comes time for marketing, I need to work with others to expand my reach.  The more people you can reach with your sales efforts, the more you will sell.  It is simple math.  Wayne Gretzky once said that you miss 100% of the shots you do not take.  Guess what, you miss out on 100% of the sales that never get pitched.  Even if you only close 1% of the time, 1% of a larger number is still more sales.

crossmarketingTo effectively collaborate, you need to connect with people on a large scale and this is something that can be accomplished in many ways.  Networking is absolutely vital and with social media it has never been easier than it is today. There are many great tools available for finding your sales team and we will take a look three of my favorites: Empire Avenue, Triberr, and Google+ Communities.

Empire Avenue at first appears to be a game that rewards you for being social but it is much more than that.  It is a place where you can connect, promote, and rapidly create the foundation of your social media presence. It works in an investment styled system wheras you buy into players with the game currency which rewards you with more currency in a daily payout.  The promotion aspect comes in the form of missions where you get paid in the game’s currency to cross market for others.  With this currency you can then run missions of your own which gets people to share your content.

triberrTriberr is a blog sharing community where you can exchange cross marketing efforts for your blog.  You should have a blog (see article: What the Blog are you Talking About?). How this works is that you join a tribe where you do your part to cross promote other tribe member’s blogs and they will do the same for your blog.  If you have 1000 followers on Twitter and your tribe members have collective 100000 followers your content can reach 100 times as many people.  They have sharing options across all of the major social media platforms now.  I highly recommend that you give them a try.

Google+ Communities is a great way to promote your content and get it shared on a more massive scale.  I really like that you can easily fine tune Google+ communities to a target audience.  There are communities dedicated to pretty well everything you can think of.  Keep in mind if you are in a community of book lovers, for example, and you share content, it is not just them who will see it. They are giving it a +1 it and sharing your content with their audience. You are also doing the same for them, the beauty of cross marketing.

circlesIt is highly important that you get yourself into the collaboration and cross marketing mindset.  It is not just the future of marketing; it is the current reality of it. If you don’t embrace these concepts, you will be left behind.  Honestly, once you do begin to utilize the power of collaboration and cross marketing, you will only wish that you had begun sooner.  The future is ours, together.

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  1. Mithu Hassan

    Very useful and interesting article!!

    1. camountain

      Thank you Mithu :-)

  2. Sarah Wilson

    Nice piece, Candace. Have not used Triberr but this encourages me to head over. Thank you!

    1. camountain

      You’re welcome.

  3. Liliana

    This is awesome. These are very helpful tools for a future project I have in mind. Thanks

    1. camountain

      You’re welcome. I wish you luck on your future project.

  4. Patricia Weber

    Over from EA. I’m on Triberr too! Another one to use for blog collaboration is Just Retweet.


    1. camountain

      There are definitely many more awesome resources such as Just Retweet and also Scoop.it just to name a few.

  5. Compumatrixer Molin

    Thank you!

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