Dec 16

Cheyenne’s Christmas Catastrophe Part 1

“I want to go home for Christmas,” Cheyenne stated firmly as she closely examined Rebecca’s pale face, which was surrounded by an ample amount of black hair, trying to figure out how the older vampire would respond.  “I know you think it is a bad idea and I know it won’t be easy controlling my hunger.”

“Understatement,” interjected Rebecca as she simply gazed back without any form of expression at her redheaded charge.

“I could never hurt my family,” Cheyenne responded with sadness creeping into her tone.  “I’ll feed really well before I go.”

“Vampires and humans do not mix and no matter how pure your intentions are, it can only end for the worse,” Rebecca replied.  She knew that Cheyenne was head strong and suspected that there was nothing she could say that would alter the disaster that was about to happen.  She did consider the possibility of chaining Cheyenne in a secure location until after the holiday season.  However, she realized that to do so would only create further disparity between them        and also would upset a lesson the girl needed to learn.  Cheyenne needed to make her mistakes and unfortunately she would regret what was surely to occur for the remainder of her days.

“I’ll be fine,” Cheyenne said as she turned away from Rebecca and stared down past the gentle slope of the hill towards the snow covered town that she once called home.  “I will do this without your permission.”

“I expected that much and when you stand over the corpses of your family, I want you to remember that I warned you what would happen.”

“I promise it’ll be okay.”

“You are so naïve,” Rebecca replied in a condescending tone.  “When I choose to make you, I had no idea you would be so difficult.”

“Really, I mean how long were you following me about?  How could you not have known?”

“That is a discussion for another time,” Rebecca stated firmly.

“Look, if I feel like I’m gonna eat my Mom, I promise I will get right out of there.”

“Naïve,” Rebecca managed to say as she tried not to let Cheyenne realize that she was amused with her eating Mom comment.

“Okay then I ‘m off,” stated Cheyenne as she moved briskly away from Rebecca and moved with haste down the slope towards the town.  Rebecca simply watched as the girl became smaller and then she smiled and turned to face the forest where a darkly robed woman slowly emerged from the shadows of the forest.

“It is done,” said Rebecca.

“It pains me to put that girl through what is going to happen,” the robed woman replied.

“If she is to be a guardian then she needs to lose everything,” Rebecca stated.

“This is true but it never gets easy,” the woman replied.

“Her connection to her humanity will be severed,” Rebecca said with a sense of sureness.

“No,” the robed woman said as she removed her hood to reveal blonde hair framing a face so white she almost looked like she was made of ivory.  “Her humanity will emerge stronger than ever and that is why I selected her.”

“Shahlukah, I do not understand,” Rebecca said with confusion evident in her tone.

“Where you see a catastrophe, I see the opportunity for a Christmas miracle,” replied Cheyenne with a gentle smile.

“A miracle, do you plan to save her parents?”

“No, I plan to save Cheyenne,” the older vampire replied.

To be continued….

Candace Note: The characters in this short story will be appearing in Polly Woggins and the Nanobot Nightmare and the story itself is a prequel to the events that transpire in that novel due to be released summer 2012.  If you like the story and absolutely want more then feel free to read The Daughter of Man which is available now on most electronic formats and as a Trade Paperback via Amazon.  Part 2 of this story will be posted soon!

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