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Coming Soon: Guest Blogger Cat Williams

ImageI have talked a lot about cross marketing and the importance of blogging.  Nothing brings these two concepts together better than a guest blogger.  Opening up your space to other bloggers that your audience will enjoy is an essential tool to help ensure you have a successful blog.  A little caution is definitely necessary when agreeing to let someone else take over your podium for a post.  For one you want to ensure they are going to impart information consistent with your message.  If you have a blog about organic gardens, for  example, a guest blogger talking about fixing car engines is probably not a great fit.

Without any further ado, I want to introduce our guest and drop you guys some links to check out some of her great content.  We are truly blessed to have Cat Williams dropping by this Saturday to deliver an amazing article that I am sure you will all enjoy.  Cat is a wonderful author and writer as well as a relationship counsellor and blogger. She has now added the guest blogger title to her already overcrowded credential list and I couldn’t be thrilled more to have her here.

Be sure to drop by Saturday January 11th to give Cat’s blog a read.  Also, please feel free to check out her website and her book which I will link below for you guys.  I hope to see you all dropping by and giving Cat a warm Writer’s Perspective welcome.

-Candace Mountain


Cat’s website – http://staycalmandcontent.com/

Cat’s blog – http://staycalmandcontent.com/blog/

Cat’s Book - Stay Calm and Content – No Matter What Life Throws At You


  1. Green Building Design and Construction

    I’ve done a few guest blogs and allowed others to guest blog but suspended the Guest Blogging because the guests never followed instructions, changes to the posts seemed to always be requested, and the info wasn’t the greatest. There were 2-3 out of a years worth that actually had good info though and ended up with high google rankings!

    1. camountain

      It is generally a good idea to approve the post they are going to put on your blog to make sure it does mesh with your ideas. If it doesn’t work, then there is no harm sending it back to them for revision.

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