Dec 18

Cheyenne’s Christmas Catastrophe Part 2

Jay was having a very bad year and it seemed like no matter what he did, things simply did not work out.   It began in March when he lost his job, as apparently his lack of work ethic caught the attention of the boss who finally had enough of Jay.  In May, his girlfriend threw him out, as she was fed up with him lying around all day moaning and complaining about how it was unfair that he lost his job.  In July, the Ford dealership had finally found him parked outside a friend’s house and sent a pair of muscle bound creeps to repossess his car which unfortunately for Jay, was where he was living.  By September he was forced to move in with his parents and almost immediately his mother began to nag him about his life and all the bad choices he had made.

The first real break came when Jay realized how trusting people where in his hometown and how he could capitalize on their trust which began Jay’s new life of crime.  He mostly broke into houses and stole food and stuff he could take to the next town over to pawn.  He was smart enough not to make it easy for the police which he had an inside track on considering his father was a cop and had a habit of talking about his work at the supper table.  Things were looking up for Jay by December which was turning out to be a great month for a thief, at least until Jay met Cheyenne.

Cheyenne watched the young man as he tried to pry open the trunk of an old Chrysler that was parked almost completely under the cover of darkness provided by a wooden fence that lined the owner’s back yard.  She usually was careful not to kill her food, but as the trunk popped open and the man began to empty the colorfully wrapped presents into a garbage bag, she could feel anger rising within her as the real life Grinch tried to steal someone’s Christmas.  She was going to stop him and he would never be in a position to harm her favorite holiday again.  She moved quickly and without sound until she was practically standing next to him.

“Those don’t belong to you,” Cheyenne said with an authoritative tone as she stared at Jay who was startled at the sound of her voice.

“Oh my God, you scared the crap out of me,” Jay said as he swallowed down his fear. “It’s not what it looks like,” he added.

“Well, it looks like you are trying to steal those presents and you don’t seem to care if the people in that house have nothing to open tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, maybe it is what it looks like,” Jay replied realizing that the redhead was obviously smarter than most of the people he was used to dealing with.  “So here it is, you need to forget what you saw or else,” Jay said in as menacing a tone as he could muster.

“You are going to put those presents back in the trunk of that car and then we are going to go for a walk,” she said with a small smile on her face.

“You’re crazy,” Jay replied as he raised his hand and swung it towards her face.

“Look what I found,” stated Cheyenne as she caught his hand a few inches before it would have struck her.  She then looked at Jay as his expression was one of disbelief and she smiled at him as she twisted his hand until she was rewarded with the sound of his wrist breaking.

“You crazy bit…” he tried to say but was cut off as Cheyenne grabbed him by the throat.  Jay tried to gasp for breath while he was also trying to knock away her iron grip with his good hand.  She threw him backwards a few yards, with enough force to stun him, into a nearby snow bank and then turned away from him.  She quickly removed the presents from Jay’s garbage bag and returned them to the trunk of the Chrysler as she smiled mostly to herself because Christmas had been saved.

“Please, I’ll never do it again,” Jay half coughed out as she turned around and moved towards him.

“It is too late for that,” she replied as the muscles in her upper jawline pushed her two canine teeth down to form the characteristic fangs of a vampire.  “Don’t talk or move,” she commanded as her eyes changed from a deep green color to an almost luminous pale green color.  Jay’s pupils contracted as the suggestion firmly took hold in his brain.  She reached for Jay and then hoisted him over her shoulders as if he were weightless.  She then carried him away from the town’s backstreet and into a secluded wooded area.  She released her compulsion on him and looked into his frightened face for the final time.

“You’re a va..va..vampire.  Um, are you m..making me into one of you?”  He managed to ask.

“No, I am making you into lunch,” Cheyenne said before she bit into his neck.

To be continued…

Candace Note: The characters in this short story will be appearing in Polly Woggins and the Nanobot Nightmare and the story itself is a prequel to the events that transpire in that novel due to be released summer 2012.  If you like the story and absolutely want more then feel free to read The Daughter of Man which is available now on most electronic formats and as a Trade Paperback via Amazon.  Part 3 of this story will be posted soon!

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