Jan 14

The Top Seven Signs you are Drinking too Much Coffee.

coffee7.  Foursquare is forced to make new coffee shop achievements in a futile attempt to keep up with you.

6.  You receive Birthday and various holiday cards from Starbucks.

5.  Columbia and a few other coffee growing countries may be naming  National holidays after you.

4.  You have more pictures of coffee cups on Instagram than you do of your cat.

3. Your vampire friend couldn’t sleep all day after drinking from you.

2. Juan Valdez joins Twitter and only follows you.

1. Your breath has been known to sober up drunks.

-Candace Mountain

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  1. James Wirshing

    Do the Millenials even knowWHOJuan Valdez is? ;-)

    1. camountain

      Good point. Hey Millenials, go check out the wiki and maybe a commercial or two on youtube ;-)

  2. Vincent Paul

    That’s clever, I’ve never really thought about that. Lucky, I don’t drink too much coffee.

    1. camountain

      I would be ashamed to admit how much coffee I drink.

      1. Mac

        Never be ashamed of the coffee you drink. Stay wired my friend.

  3. deelite984

    Lol…..I love it!

  4. arminius1

    Best wishes from Juan Valdez: https://www.facebook.com/JuanValdezCafe?fref=ts

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