Jan 25

Who rules the Internet? Cats do.

YOTC2Have you ever noticed that cat pictures on the Internet tend to outnumber dog pictures by a significant amount?  In fact, for every dog picture you find on most social media platforms you will find at least 10 cat pictures.  This is a hugely significant data spike and it has me wondering just how the humble cat came to take over the Internet.

YOTC16Let’s face it, dogs really put in the work to please us.  They fetch balls which is kind of awesome. I guess that fetching trait could be a tad bit embarrassing in war time for soldiers throwing hand grenades. Hmm, cats don’t usually try to accidentally kill us.  Okay, dogs this is not looking good for you and we have just begun.  So dogs like to go for walks with you and need time outside to do their private business in the yard.  Oh wait, they need supervision and they make the backyard into a stinky minefield, especially right after a fresh snowfall.   Cats are pretty independent and their private business is self-contained in a litter box.  I have to give that one to cats too.

YOTC24I am so sorry dog lovers as it is not looking good for our canine friends.  But wait, dogs have to win in the intelligence department.  Surely this is where they will give the cat the good old boot.  Dogs must be smart as they come when called and learn their names and select other words.  Cats, well they just lay around and sleep and clean themselves mostly.  Yup dogs must be smarter or are they?  If you think about it, dogs were domesticated by humans and they have to constantly try to please us to earn their keep.  Cats, on the other hand, approached humans and manipulated us into domesticating them. In fact, they don’t have to do anything as we are often the ones doing all the work trying to please them.

YOTC5Here is where it is going to get a little weird.  Cats have been constantly cleaning themselves for ages as if they have been getting ready for something.  Oh my, could cats have known that the Internet was coming and that they were doing to be Internet stars?  Have they been cleaning and primping to get ready for all those pictures?  Just how smart are these cats?  Did the Egyptians get it right when they worshiped cats like gods?  Have cats reclaimed their thrones on Facebook and Google+?  I don’t know the answer to that but I do have fun thinking about it.

Note: Candace Mountain was not forcefully influenced in any way by cats to make this post.

-Candace Mountain


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  1. Fenya “the” Dog

    woof I prefer dogs woof

    1. camountain

      I had suspected that would be your stance ;-)

  2. bewitched in salem

    Cute piece Candace.
    I never would have suspected Fenya!

    1. camountain

      I was going for cute :-)

  3. Doug Bittinger

    Actually, Candace, I find just the opposite to be true. I see far more dog pictures and articles than I do cats. But I’m convinced that’s because I write about dogs and the social media algorithms know “know” this through their tracking cookies and they serve up what they think I’ll like to see and might respond to. I’m a dog person, they serve me dog stuff (no, not THAT kind of “stuff”) you’re a cat person, they serve you cats. Ira is into Aardvarks – he doesn’t see much, but they try.

    1. camountain

      That does make a lot of sense.

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