Jan 30

Top 7 Signs You May be in a Polar Vortex

IMG_15437.  The wind has a Siberian accent.

6.  The media is uncertain if the groundhog saw its shadow as the poor critter froze to death quite fast.

5.  Retirees in Florida are forced to wear snow shoes for their afternoon game of lawn bowling.

4.  The Syfy Network gets inspired to make Polarnado.  Polar bears in tornadoes; move over sharks.

3. Southern Americans finally get hockey.

2.  John Deer adds a plow add on for its popular ride on movers.

1.  Mississippi becomes Miss-siisss-iipp-pi when spoken with a severe shiver.


-Candace Mountain

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  1. James Wirshing

    Those seem fairly accurate. :-)

    1. camountain

      I thought so lol

  2. E.S. Wynn

    I got a laugh out of this one, hehe.

  3. arminius1

    You are a good abserver… ;-)

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