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A Hero Named Freddie Mercury

On November 24th, 1991 the world lost one of the greatest musicians of our modern era, a man named Freddie Mercury.  He was the front man for the British super group Queen which I am certain you have all heard of.  If you have not heard of Queen then I am envious of you because you now have the opportunity to experience some very good music for the first time.  Freddie’s vocals are easily one of the most distinct sounding voices in the music industry.  His sound was all his own and with his death, the world became a little less unique.

When Freddie died, the world briefly stopped spinning as we all knew that the loss of Queen’s front man was not just another celebrity death; it was the loss of a hero.  A few of you may be wondering how I can classify a flamboyant, kind of weird, guy who died of AIDS as a hero.  Well, the thing about Freddie is that despite the obstacle that was placed in his path he never gave up.  Death is a pretty huge obstacle and admittedly most of us if in the situation Freddie was in with his rapidly failing health would have crawled into bed and pray death would skip us.  A hero would not do this, a hero would fight with everything he or she has right up to the bitter end.  This is exactly what Freddie Mercury did until he was physically unable.

I hope when my days are nearing an end that I can be inspired by Freddie’s heroism to get just one more book out like Queen was able to get ‘Made in Heaven’ completed.   Freddie will always be a source of inspiration for me when I face difficult challenges.  His music will also live on for me and take me back to being a kid and dancing and laughing to songs like ‘Bicycle Race’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ Even today, Queen’s music does not feel old to me and it will always be a part of my favorite playlists.

My current Novel, The Daughter of Man, is very much about heroes facing some of the worse possible obstacles.  When I wrote them I was not thinking about Freddie on a conscious level, but he was there in spirit.  I know the courage that Gerald and Jennifer have in my novel in their almost hopeless battle against The Burned One would make Freddie Mercury proud and that makes me feel a little bit better.  If they can rise up and defeat certain death or even fall trying then they have in some way honored Freddie Mercury, a personal hero of mine.


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  1. Ronjey

    Wow,i totally agree. I discovered Queen 4years ago and ive never looked back. Its not just about Freddie,Queen was made of four strong pillars and its obvious from what Brian May is doing. I was histeric when i watched him play with Lady Gaga’s Jo Caldron at MTV AWARDS.
    Freddie defined rock ‘n’ roll like it it is,from his song writing skills to his one of a kind voice,to fashion,to stage theatrics to just being real. Queen pioneered stadium rock and Freddie was still humble enough to say that he was just the lead singer and not the leader of Queen.
    I listen to Queen every single day and never get bored.
    Thanks for keeping Freddie’s spirit alive.

    1. camountain

      Absolutely, Brian May was instrumental in the overall sound, a lot of which came from unique modifications he made to his guitar.

  2. Samuel Peranginangin

    I started listen to the Queen since 15, and fortunately my father had the best album of them, so i can listen Bohemian Rhapsody, Bicycle, Another Bite The Dust, and Don’t Stop Me Now. First time i listen them, i amazed by the unique taste of the music combined with beautiful lyrics they’ve wrote. How many people can make a drama sensation which is Bohemian Rhapsody gave? wow i salute them. Queen should be one of the best musicians 0n this planet. Sorry for my bad english.

    1. camountain

      Thank you, I feel the same way.

  3. Gary Brown

    I try and play as much music by Queen as I can on my radio shows. The listeners love it, often request it, and Freddie Mercury will never grow old. Nice Blog.

    1. camountain

      I am certain he will still be a common name in 2212 ;-)

  4. Holly The Tech eMom (@thetechemom)

    When I was growing up Queen wasn’t a huge part of my African American culture. But I loved music and somehow in spite of it making me a bit unpopular with my friends, I discovered the amazing world of Queen. Anyone who truly knows music will recognize genius when they hear it. This guy was really genius! Now I muse over my son, who is only six, when he starts singing “we are the champions…”. RIP Freddy Mercury, you were a gift to this world

    1. camountain

      Music is one of those things that can cross all of the barriers we create as people whether it be race, sex or any other one. I am glad you discovered Queen ;-)

  5. sheglisse

    Good posting, im subscribing to your rss. Many thanks once more.

  6. Revathy

    I rediscovered Queen just 6 weeks ago. I used to enjoy their music decades ago, but only casually. Now listening again to the unique music of Queen and Freddie Mercury’s beautiful voice just blows me away. I listen to Queen everyday and watch their videos whenever I can. While I am facing great adversity now, listening to Freddie Mercury’s warm, expressive voice and knowing the brave and proud man he was helps me immensely.

  7. lauren dillon

    i feel the same he inspired me to never give up he is just amazing i am doing a project in school on are heroes and i am definatly picking freddie mercury becase he is just amazing and he sends out the message if you are getting bullyed to just walk away becase they are not worth your time i started lisining to queen when i was ten and now i am fourteen and i have not stopped i wish that he had never died becase i would pay anything to meet him our at least see him in concert becase i now for definit that he is my true hero i hade two other people in my head but it is definatly him and nobody else just the wonderful Freddie Mercury

  8. derek

    as a rock and roll hero freddie was the kamina leeron of all rock and role heroes

  9. James Wirshing

    I wasn’t conscious of Freddie’s abilities, nor aware of his heroism, until late in his struggle. I certainly do appreciate his example.

    1. camountain

      Thank you James. Freddie kept a lot of his struggle private and despite his failing health gave 110%. It is that spirit I personally strive to emulate the most. I am not always successful but I do try.

  10. Andrew Lambie

    Freddy was the MAN! I watch the live recording of them at Live Aid often – un be f**king leivable! Love Queen, Just awesome

    1. camountain

      Thanks for the enthusiasm Andrew. I agree completely. The level of talent and creativity of the group will certainly be very hard to ever top.

  11. bewitched in salem

    Thank you for this wonderful piece Candace.

    I thankfully encountered Queen early on in life. I unfortunately was unable to see them perform live. The world lost one of the best voices in music when he passed. My favorite of his works was his collaboration with Montserrat Caballe, Barcelona.
    A you tube link for those not aware of this. http://bit.ly/1aaQ39c

    Thank you again for reconnecting us with this great performer.

    1. camountain

      Some of the Barcelona pieces are Freddie’s finest. I believe his vocal versatility is one of the huge factors in Queen’s success. One of my favorite not so well know songs is ‘Mr Bad Guy,’ from Freddie’s solo album.

  12. Detlev Artelt

    Thx for this great article. I love his music and the great voice….

    Greetz from Belgium

    1. camountain

      Thank you Detlev and congratulations on the move.

  13. Jim Neal

    Very Awesome post Candace!

    “flamboyant, kind of weird, guy who died of AIDS as a hero.” This is exactly what I thought of Freddie until I read your post. Never thought of his struggles until now. That may be one of the saddest parts of being a celebrity. I loved his music, but saw him as no more than a picture on an album cover. Your article made me realize he was a human, with struggles like or greater than everyone else on Earth, but he did not let those obstacles or his impending death, stand in the way of his being alive!

    1. camountain

      Jim I have to admit your response is the best compliment this article could get and I thank you for it.

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