Nov 07

The Cost

Sometimes I think I feel too muchcgeese-1

Intensely woven, the emotional stuff

On the outside you will never see

My pain, my sorrow, or even me

People think I am just so tough

A wicked girl all steely and rough

She can take it she’s just that strong

Look inside you’ll see that you’re wrong

I’ll internalize my feelings so please

Smile, pretend, maybe even tease

Wicked you want, wicked you’ll get

I’ll be the bad girl you haven’t seen yet

But someday you may want my heart

The caring,supportive, and friendly part

A shoulder to cry on you’ll want from me

You’ll get nothing as this love’s not free.

I’ll watch on the outside as I let you get lost

I’ll cry invisible tears as you realize the cost

Candace Mountain

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