May 18

The Writer’s Secrets

typewriterSecrets are normal and we all have plenty of them and that is part of what it is to be involved in the human condition. Most people have more than one and most of us have multiple secrets for varying reasons. In some cases it is the stuff we are embarrassed about. We fear that talking about them will make people see us as lesser than they previously did. Some are just silly secrets that really don’t matter at all. Whatever the reason, secrets are those things we hold onto and in some cases take them with us to the grave.

Writers have a serious problem when it comes to secrets as it is incredibly hard to bottle away secrets that can be turned into great stories. When I write a novel, all of me is poured into the characters. In some facet they are all parts of me. My secrets swim freely through the pages often thumbing their nose up at the world with a snicker because people are oblivious to what I am letting loose. To be honest, I like it when people see parts of me in my artistry. I am not sure if it is an ego thing or just a type of intimacy that only a reader and writer can share.


In ‘The Daughter of Man’ a lot of the childhood abuse I suffered was craftily added to the main villain’s backstory. His anger was my anger bared free for the reader to see. Obviously I did not try to destroy the world but there were times I felt that sort of anger towards the universe for all the bad cards that I had been dealt. I have, in life, found that same sort of redemption that is offered in the story and I cherish it greatly.


The novel I am working on right now will bare more secrets as I weave them into a compelling and very heartbreaking story. I won’t tell you yet everything I am weaving in but I will say there was some darkness and sorrow that will be a reoccurring theme in the story. After the next book my readers will know me on a different level and that is good. If you read everything I write you will truly understand me on a level that kind of scares me in a good way.


I have talked a lot about me because I think I needed to be the example here. The truth is that this is true for all of us. The more you read any of your favorite writer, or listen to your favorite band’s music, or even stare at the paintings of your favorite painter, it all comes out and it all embraces you and the artist at the same time. This is good and we continue to create because of that.


Candace Mountain


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  1. Jaie Hart

    It is true what you say. When we write, we know the truth that comes out but not necessarilly anyone else. Maybe it serves as a sort of confession or getting free from the frame work of a role that doesn’t really suit any longer. But writing makes it bearable I think. Thanks for being you and sharing.

    1. camountain

      Thanks Jaie and yes you are write a lot of the time the reader has to be crafty to figure out some of the stuff we have poured into our work for them to find.

  2. Misha

    I honestly think it’s not possible to write without baring your soul.

    1. camountain

      For some writers that is true :-)

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