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Dec 18

Blaeze Getting all Funny with the Christmas Tree


This morning Blaeze decided to eat the Christmas tree and I found it to be one of those precious moments that just had to be shared.  

Dec 15

The Return of Christmas


Once again the holidays are upon us and this year there is something slightly different about them.  This change appears to hark back to how it used to be. I am actually hearing people verbalizing ‘Christmas’ more and more.  The political correctness on how we should refer to the holidays seems to be easing up.  Could …

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Dec 18

Cheyenne’s Christmas Catastrophe Part 2

Jay was having a very bad year and it seemed like no matter what he did, things simply did not work out.   It began in March when he lost his job, as apparently his lack of work ethic caught the attention of the boss who finally had enough of Jay.  In May, his girlfriend threw …

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Dec 16

Cheyenne’s Christmas Catastrophe Part 1

“I want to go home for Christmas,” Cheyenne stated firmly as she closely examined Rebecca’s pale face, which was surrounded by an ample amount of black hair, trying to figure out how the older vampire would respond.  “I know you think it is a bad idea and I know it won’t be easy controlling my …

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