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Mar 16

When Words Wither: Dealing with Writer’s Block


There is nothing like the feeling of words flowing through your fingertips into the keyboard as you write your next novel or maybe even a brilliant blog article.  The words become like a melody as the ideas cohere into verses or paragraphs that your reader is really going to connect with.  Your writing is shaping …

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Jan 04

A Hero Named Freddie Mercury


On November 24th, 1991 the world lost one of the greatest musicians of our modern era, a man named Freddie Mercury.  He was the front man for the British super group Queen which I am certain you have all heard of.  If you have not heard of Queen then I am envious of you because …

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Nov 27

The Sandbox


Inspiration comes in many forms and often at times when you least expect it. This was the case for me when I was fifteen and living away from home for my first time. I had run away as I was, at the time, having issues with my family and needed the separation. It was a …

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