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Jan 22

The Role of Google+ in Marketing: Get Googled!


This time around we are going to take a break from Twitter and talk all about Google+ and why it is important for your marketing strategies.   Hopefully most of you already have a presence there and for any of you thinking you don’t need Google+, I hope this article changes that opinion.  Google+ may very …

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Jan 16

Basics of Twitter Marketing Part Two: Getting Hashed


In part one, Basics of Twitter Marketing Part One: The Followers, we discussed followers and how to manage them and also how to avoid Twitter follower limits as you grow your following.  In this part we are going to mostly focus on something that we call hash tags and how they can be useful.  Twitter …

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Jan 10

The Basics of Twitter Marketing Part One: The Followers


  Hi, I’m the author of The Daughter of Man which is an amazing book that I highly recommend you read which in turn pays my bills and such.  In today’s blog post I want to talk to you about Twitter’s role in your marketing strategy.  When you find yourself with a product, such as …

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Dec 31

Take Aim: Finding your Target Audience


Mass marketing is not always the best idea for most products and that is especially true in the case of books.  Not everyone will like what you have to sell and to market to groups that are not interested in your product is hard work that produces absolutely nothing for your efforts.    Trying to sell …

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Dec 26

Cross Marketing


For an independent author the biggest and often most daunting hurdle to sales is a little thing we call marketing.  We choose to be writers and somehow, at times, it seems like we have become more marketers than anything else.  Welcome to the new reality!  So we are marketers and no matter how much we …

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