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Jun 10

Social Media: Changing the World One Post at a Time


The introduction of the Internet is quite simply one of the biggest game changers in modern history. The Internet, more specifically social media, has been transforming our world and attitudes on quite literally a global scale. People have never been better connected than they are now thanks to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and …

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Feb 04

Visual Spaces – The Copyright Zone


Social media and the Internet in general has been moving away from a text driven environment. Those online spaces have become a much more visual experience.  Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ are huge examples of this trend.  Images are becoming more and more popular. It is absolutely a form of social media suicide not to be …

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Jan 01

Run for your Lives – Facebook is Sinking


Lately I have been seeing articles online as well as in the mainstream media that have been suggesting some serious troubles ahead for Facebook. The big problem seems to be that young people are not using Facebook as their primary place for social media.  Instead, they are maintaining a Facebook profile to keep in touch …

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Jul 20

Between Books: Bridging the Gap


Writing a book is often fairly long process and as a result readers may have to wait up to a year or longer for a return to the world that your last book created. Lovers of your previous work grow to miss the fantastic world you created and it’s characters.   They are usually more …

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May 18

The Clout of Klout


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about something called Klout.  You have most likely heard of it  or seen tweets announcing that someone received a +k in some topic or another or even announcing that a particular person has a specific Klout score.  Undoubtedly you are probably curious about what exactly all the …

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Mar 27

Practical Psychology for Writers and Social Media Part 1


The ability to deal with people effectively is one of the most useful skills you can possess. Knowing how a person thinks and having a general idea what some of their driving motivations are, will provide you with an edge in any form of communication with them. In reality, this ability may very well be …

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Mar 02

Content: aka His Royal Majesty


I am sure you have heard the whole argument that content is king in the world of social media.  It sure is important to the point that it can single handedly spell the success or doom of a blog.  It doesn’t matter how flashy your blog is or how many fancy bells and whistles you …

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Feb 28

Spamming: The Dark Side of Social Media


Social media is one of the most powerful ways to engage with your customers and to introduce your product to a large number of people.  Unfortunately, it can also lead you down a dark path into the world of spamming which can undo, very quickly, all the benefits that social media has to offer.  The …

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Feb 21

The Social Media Clock: Manufacturing Time


One of the most valuable commodities in business as well as life in general is time.  You can never have too much time on your hands and if you do then please share your secret with the rest of us.  With that being said, it is very easy to understand why time management is one …

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Feb 10

Empire Avenue: Game or Social Media Tool? #EAvRetweets


You may or may not have heard of Empire Avenue  and for those who have heard of it, you may be under the belief that it is some sort of Stock Market simulation game.  You would be, for the most part, correct as it is indeed on the surface a game.   However, Empire Avenue is …

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