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Jan 28

Building a Quality Book


I have been focusing on a lot of marketing in recent posts and one of the things I have mentioned time and again is that marketing is useless if you do not have a quality product.  I have heard salespeople make the claim that they could sell ice cubes to people living in the arctic.  If …

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Nov 23

Overdoing the Setting


When writing a story that is set in a place that you have not grown up in or spent years living in, you can sometimes fall into the trap of overdoing the setting. Hopefully, you have at least spent some time, maybe a month or two, in your setting and if you have, the things …

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Nov 20

Writing a Great Hero


The hero is the one character in your story that is going to bring the reader along on their journey to overcome the villain’s obstacles.  Your reader needs a hero that they can identify with and become emotionally invested in.  A flimsy hero will only make for an uninteresting story.  In fact, even a great …

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Nov 19

Writing a Great Villain


The villain is one of the more important elements in your story and absolutely needs to be fully fleshed out.  In some cases, your villain needs to be even more developed than the hero.  A cardboard ‘big bad’ will tend to make the entire story flimsy. If you can make your readers love to hate …

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